PROVE was created by two ladies in the heartland of Ohio in June 2009. Both have a shared interest in the paranormal. PROVE is a team that seeks answers to the paranormal. There is no charge for the team to investigate your location.

There are many haunted locations in the Ohio Valley area that have been researched by paranormal research groups but there are just as many locations still unexplored.

So if you have a location that you feel should be investigated, please contact us. We may not be able to respond to all who ask for our free services but we will strive to cover as many investigations as possible.

We use some of the latest equipment on the market that is available to paranormal researchers. Everything from UV/IR camcorders using Phantom Lite lighting, digital cameras, 4 camera CCTV with night vision, 2 DVRs, 4 wireless CCTV night vision cameras, digital sound recorders, thermal scanners, laser grid lights, K2 meters, EMF meters, motion sensors, Tesla coil activated plasma orb, ghost box. Just added new in December 2011 the Ovilus X.