Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) is when you get a voice on some sort of recording media that doesn’t have a physical explanation attached to it as to why it is there.

There are three commonly accepted classes of voices that can be attributed to an EVP and here is a very general explanation of what they are:

Class A:

A voice or sound that can be heard and understood when played back over a speaker

Class B:

A voice or sound not clearly heard over a speaker and could be debated as to what it says

Class C:

A voice or sound only heard through headphones and even then maybe difficult to understand

EVP's from 2011 Ghostwalk in Chillicothe Ohio

The EVP's below have a short description as to the scenerio where they were captured. What we believe they say is our opinion.  It is up to you, the listener, to decide what you believe they say.  Click on the red words to listen.

Deborah and Leah in a graveyard. When Deborah asks " If you talk into the little thing with a red light that she has" - you will hear a male voice say "I think she's with me".

Deborah saying " I really feel cold on top of my shoulders and arms" - then you hear a female voice say "Is that easy".

Leah and Deborah just walking and not talking they pick up what sounds like "Miss Debbie".

Leah and Deborah doing a home investigation when you hear two clicks then Leah say "This is the first time here". You will hear a loud "Who's that!" Then a whisper say"oh my God!".

P.R.O.V.E. team doing an investigation on 9/25/10 at a private home on High Street in Chillicothe.


Sue asks “is there anybody in here?” next you hear a little girls voice. After the little girls voice you hear Donald say the batteries went dead. Click here

Leah asks the question "What is your name?" and the entity answers with his name!  Click here

Here we have "Michael" say his name again - pause - "say yes" (?) - pause - "sorry". Click here

The P.R.O.V.E team investigated a private residence in Ross County.  The couple are renting so the location is not disclosed.  They and their children are experiencing paranormal activity.  There were no children in the house that night.


Deb and Melissa entering the master bedroom when Deb opens the door the ghost box says "brave soul". Click here

After "brave soul" Deb engages the entity in a conversation by asking questions. Click here

The team was talking and laughing when this EVP was captured of a little girl in the background.  It may be "help me" or "you laughing at me" and then trails off with a moan. Click here

But the most chilling message that came through that night is.... "We can kill them".

Click here

P.R.O.V.E team investigated a private residence in Ross county on 3/26/11.  Name and location not disclosed at the request of the owner.  The children in the home are seeing an "entity" on the property and in a barn.  There is an old cemetary connected to this property. Also see the "dark entity" video taken in the barn and "faces in the woods" photo taken in the woods near the old cemetary.


Terry was in the barn and said “someone with a hat that hangs out here a lot” and he got this response. "Who’s checkin."

Deb says “ and we let people pass on messages if they want to”. After the word - messages - you hear a voice say “Help”

Terry was walking past a room where the entity was seen in the house and picked up the sound of a baby crying. There are no babies in the home.“Baby cry”

(side note: after this EVP we followed up in the old cemetary and found a grave marked Carrie born 1895 / died 1895.)