Case Story #1 - location private


Debbie and I took Billy and Starr (seekers) on an investigation to a graveyard which was way back in the boondocks. Our research found that it was over 100 years old. During the investigation we kept getting cold spots in different areas. When we began to leave the graveyard, Starr and I were walking to the car and I heard a noise to my left that sounded as if someone had jumped beside me. I immediately turned and snapped a picture    and then seen that I had captured some kind of fog. At first we thought it had actually come from where we were breathing and then tried to recreate pictures from us breathing out into the air. We could not recreate the same effect. Check out our picture on the site; from my interpretation it looks as if it could be a woman with outstretched arms that are raised as if she landed right beside me. Other’s believe it looks like an animal; possibly a dog. On our E.V.P.’s from that graveyard we captured a sadistic laugh that followed us when we are taking temperatures in the graveyard.


Next, we proceeded to a nearby graveyard that we have previously visited. Here one of our seekers, Billy, felt he should get back in the car. When asked if he felt like he was told to or if he just felt as he should, he replied it was as if something told him that he should not be here. Upon review of our E.V.P.’s from that site you can hear me talking to Billy and then you hear a man’s voice that says: “Get Out!” and you then hear me asking Billy, “Where did you go?” and then you hear me asking if he’s alright. You then hear me asking, “Were you told or did you feel you needed to get out?”


To Debbie and me; this is solid proof that we can be reached from the beyond.


Case Story #2 - location private


When Debbie and I started this journey our main objective became….Why? How? We will find the one paranormal experience for interaction…for communication…for reaction…to learn...and maybe to help a spirit; I’d rather call it a soul. We believe that a inner part of you goes on,  that goes on out into the world and beyond. The why…to be reborn? To travel wherever you want? Or to stick by that special loved one. We have always believed this. All my true friends have even had this talk and maybe you and yours have as well. Many say a soul will linger behind in tragic circumstances.


Debbie and I knew this specific soul that this account is about. She was a close personal friend to me.  Many a night, this friend and I would have talks about Angels and God and beyond. She even had a ghost of her own, called Oscar. He liked Children. Hee! Hee! He was an avid trickster to children.  Even our talks of Big Foot were a riot. My friend and I had made a pact long ago that if we could contact each other from beyond death that we would.


A few years after my dear friends passing Debbie and I finally went and visited her home.  After four hours of questions and investigating we felt we were getting nowhere. However, upon listening to the E.V.P.’s  we heard banging inside of the house.  We heard someone praying. In a woman’s voice we heard, “Leah” and then in a male voice we heard, “Who is that?” and then in the woman’s voice, “Oh my God.”


So I wonder, is this experience one of my answers? Had my friend fulfilled her promise we had made? Were there souls there that were trying to get our attention? Could there have been a soul there saying,”Hey, girls….I am over here.” Did she call to me? Was the male voice asking…”Hey Leah, who is your friend?” Was she just as surprised as we were? Realizing we both fulfilled our promise overcame me….May she rest in peace now.

Case Story #3:   Amy's Simply Divine, 63 E. Water Street, Chillicothe, OH 45601

Did you ever meet someone who’s funny? Down to earth and you know you get that feeling that you’ve known her forever. That’s Amy Hatfield owner of Simply Divine located in Chillicothe Ohio.

She takes us into the building and we follow her around. She tells us, “Here is where we saw a shadow of a man.” Into another room she explains that Melissa, one of her employees, saw a woman and so did a customer. She told us, as we followed her up the stairs, “Everyone has heard noises coming from upstairs when no one is up there.” She then shows us two rooms that nobody knew existed until her contractor had unearthed them.

Tonight Debbie and I (Leah) have a new seeker, Melissa Arledge an employee of Amy’s, hopefully a future member of P.R.O.V.E.

Our investigation starts in the salon area. We take base temperatures of all the rooms .We find a lot of electricity is setting off our K2 meter, and Melissa tells me they ran new wiring. . I explained that high E.M.F. readings can effect a person in strange ways. Our research showed that the building originated sometime in 1855, so I can imagine they would have had to replace the wiring. I was standing in the hall when I felt something touch me on my hand. We saw light anomalies, and Debbie was in a room with the shadow guy as I saw him on the monitor. When leaving the room she felt cold and goose bumps broke out on her arms. Oddly the temperature dropped ten degrees from our base reading at that time.

Our take on this, something was following her from the room. In the same room that Debbie had come from, we also captured a light that turned as if it was a fish and wagged its tail before disappearing into the wall. A mans voice says, “calculate,” or, “I’m to late.” Or maybe, “I’ll kill Kate.” Strangely enough the voice was captured from the future break room. It is also where we had sat up the monitors .This E.V.P. took place as I was sitting there alone and sensed some kind of presence. From this same room a partial shadow also made it’s self known to Debbie, Melissa and I by letting each one of us see it’s shadow at different times through out the night.

So we at P.R.O.V.E. put our stamp of ’YES’ as we close this file and hope in the future if you’re ever in Chillicothe and need a wax, massage, hair or nails done to stop in and see Amy because it is HAUNTINGLY Simply Divine.

In the past, Simply Divine has been part of the annual Ghost Tour that takes place in October in Chillicothe, Ohio.

Case Story #4 - High Street, Chillicothe, OH

The pizza man refused to come inside.  He blew the horn until Brian came to the door.  "Come get your pizza. I'm not coming up there man".  "I had a friend who lived here and that house is haunted"!!  Brian decided then to contact P.R.O.V.E.  He told us of hearing voices, footsteps and of seeing shadows on the second floor.  Also of objects being thrown about.  Once, a friend of Brian's was visiting and as they walked by the refrigerator, everything on the refrigerator flew off at them.  The friend hasn't been back!

Deb and Sonnie started the research on the history of the home.  The house was built in 1842 and had a long list of owners. Within 2 weeks we were able to get the team of myself, Deb, Sue and Don into the home for an investigation. We brought two seekers from Pennsylvania, Chris & Brianna, with us.  Brian took myself & Deb on a walk through of the house to show us the hotspots of activity.

In the 5 year old son's room, Brian explained that his son refused to sleep in the room and instead chose a mattress on the floor in the parents bedroom.  It was during this conversation that I felt 2 hard taps on my back between my shoulder blades. I turned to find nothing behind me!  By the end of the nights investigation 3 of the team had been "touched" by something unseen.

Our seeker guests also had personal experiences that night. Brianna felt something standing next to her and Chris saw a dark shadow in the upper hallway right after I saw something move in front of him.

Brian decided to stay for the investigation and to participate. He was sitting on his bed and asked the entity to make it self known - when the room temperature dropped by 10 degrees.

We got several very good EVP's that night.  When Chris sat down in a chair in the son's room we got a voice on recording saying "Get up!".  Also when asked "what is your name?" we got a response saying "Michael".  Investigator Sue asked "is anyone here?" and the response was a little girl whimpers then Michael says his name again and then a voice says "sorry".

To Brian and his family - you live in a haunted house however when an entity tells you it's name twice and then says sorry - you are not in any danger.   In closing just for the record.... the friend of Brian's who got objects thrown at him from the refrigerator, well....his name was Michael.


Case Story #5:  Serendipity Florals & Antiques, 135 E. Main Street, Chillicothe, OH 45601 

“This discovery indeed is almost of the kind which I call, "Serendipity." (Author Horace Walpole, 1754)

Serendipity: n. the faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident.

Go for a walk in downtown Chillicothe, Ohio. Think of the past as you sat on your grandpa's knee. Recall those long ago voices, laughter, and that down home comfort. The patina of age greets you as you walk through the door to Serendipity Florals and Antiques with visions of the past. You go inside and walk up the grand stair case and enter the Toy Room. You actually feel the child as she runs past giggling. Unknown and unseen foot steps have you turning and you hear an unknown voice calling, “Find her!” You stand in place and a hand falls softly on your shoulder. You turn expecting to find some one, but no one is there. As a group when we entered here we did not imagine.

In January 2011 P.R.O.V.E. visited Serendipity. Investigators, Terry and I headed to the attic equipped with a video recorder and a ghost box .We encountered a ghost with a sense of humor as he embraced us. Another male spirit we came upon tells us he died of Malaria. Our video picks up many voices along with numerous strange occurrences. On the second floor more E.V.P.’ s are picked up. What we assume is a child’s mother answers questions asked by Melissa. Debbie felt an unseen hand slide down her back. Melissa and Terry go into the basement where a spirit confirms he is a soldier when questioned. This was also picked up by recorders and video. She has her hair pulled then a spirit comments.   Personally, I think this spirit liked her awesome hairdo. They also use the ghost box and it responds, “Charles,” when asked, "What is your name?” Charles talks to Melissa and Terry. It is unknown as to whether Charles is the soldier or another spirit in the room.

This is our past, our future and we are a select few. We are P.R.O.V.E. We have once again proved that traces of yesterday of those who have passed on are here today. You just only have to listen, ask, and see. Serendipity is located on East Main Street and is sometimes part of the Ghostwalk Tour of Chillicothe.

Case Story #6 - location private

In April P.R.O.V.E was contacted by a family member. A close cousin who also believes in the paranormal. Her friend started having odd occurrences happening at home and when it started affecting her dog, Sassy, she started getting scared. That evening P.R.O.V.E got in contact. During a phone interview she told us about rocking chairs moving, a kitchen chair sliding across the floor, cold areas and fear when it pressed down on her. A feeling of being watched and even feeling someone standing too close. That’s how it began. Then she felt it was scaring her dog. Sassy would yelp as if someone had pinched her or would act as if she was scared to the point of pressing against her face or she would shake and act as if she could see something.

The client also confided that her sister had brought in a recorder because they thought that Ghost Hunters was interesting. They decided to do her house first. After P.R.O.V.E had asked more questions it was found that the occurrences happened right after the recorder had been used. This was used by client with her sister and a next door neighbor. She also claimed that sister had provoked the spirit when they got a response and because they got a response they did it numerous times over 3 ½ month period. The client was afraid to stay at home and had been staying at her sisters. Because of this P.R.O.V.E met with the client at her home and did a walk through.

Three investigators, 2 of which, felt the spirit in the upstairs at the exact same time. This happened in between 2 bedrooms upstairs. I believe it passed through us as we entered the room. On Saturday, P.R.O.V.E set up in the garage behind the house. The investigation lasted around 6 hours in the kitchen, Debbie caught a series of 3 very odd pictures on the full spectrum camera. We got responses upstairs and down with the ghost box. Upstairs, terry asks about holidays and wonders “do you like them? Easter is coming up.” a male voice responds “Easter is Sunday”. When asked by Leah, “what is your name?” it responds “Jim”. When Terry knocks - something finishes it for him. When the K2 meter was used in the front room, Rod asked me “do you want me to leave it?”. I told him “no” and a voice responds “you can leave it”. P.R.O.V.E captured numerous EVP’s. during the investigation Debbie and I both felt the presence at different times but not for very long.

Our findings on this investigation: we feel that the entity who resides in this house may have always been there due to location of the property. But P.R.O.V.E feels that it best to leave it alone, back to the way it was before. Curiosity and not knowing just exactly what you are dealing with could have serious consequences. We are highly against provoking entities. Our suggestion is the client wants her home back to the way it was and to tell the entity that she will no longer bother it in hopes that it will leave.