ParaCon 2012

The P.R.O.V.E founders were present and had a booth at ParaCon 2012 held at the Emmitt House in Wavelry Ohio on July 28th & 29th.  They got to meet & greet many fine guests and visitors to the event.  These are just a few of the guests who stopped by their booth.

  Living Dead Paranormal

  Bruce Tango from Ghost Hunters

  Rosalyn Brown - Ghost Hunters Academy

   Don operating the equipment.

  Nini Grace, spiritual advisor and medium.

  Julie Griffin, paranormal photographer.

  Kristin Lee & Amanda -

The Paranormal Blindside.

  Patrick Dehart & Jim Wilson of Paravisionz.



Prospect Place -Trinway, Oh

On Friday May 25th, 2012 both Deborah and Leah conducted an investigation at Prospect Place in Trinway, Ohio.  They were fortunate to have been invited by Mystic Nirvana Paranormal to join them for this investigation.  Unfortunately Deborah & Leah had to leave early due to other obligations.


Prospect place has been investigated by the teams of Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters.

Old Bag-O-Nails in Hilliard, OH

 Deb with Cherilin Cope, intuitive,

at the Old Bag-O-Nails in Hilliard, OH.  The ghost hunt event was sponsored by

Mystic Nirvana Paranormal.

League of Women Voters - Chillicothe's Ghost Walk 2010

The ladies of P.R.O.V.E. enjoying themselves at the historic Majestic Theatre in Chillicothe during the annual Ghost Walk tour on Sunday 10/24/10.  The area they are standing in was used by the Masonic Lodge until relocated to their current building.  Notes were taken as to possible future investigations. 


Deb with Joe Clark founder of Commonwealth Paranormal.

Mothman Festival


Don with Ericca Cordier - Author of "Mothman Returns"

On Saturday 9/19/09 Leah and Deborah, P.R.O.V.E. founders, attended the Mothman Festival at Point Pleasant, WV.  Their focus was on meeting other paranormal researchers and networking.  They attended several presentations throughout the day.  Some of the presenters were:

Andy & Tonya Keyser (ghost divas)

Susan Sheppard (author-ghost expert)

James Willis (author Weird Ohio etc.)

Rosemary Ellen Guiley (author)

Sue Swiatek (MUFON State Director - Virginia)


Deborah also attended on Sunday 9/20/09 were she heard from notable presenters as:

Travis Shortt (Dark Wings documentary)

Andy Colvin (Mothman's Photographer-author)


Jason Gowin (Paranormal Researcher)   

Deborah with Jason Gowin, star of A&E's Extreme Paranormal


Jason Clyburn (Prodigy Group Paranormal)