Hauntings of businesses

This page is dedicated to paranormal research of businesses.  Unlike private residences, businesses are generally open to the public, you may be interacting with ghosts and not even realize it!

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On January 29th 2011 the P.R.O.V.E team went to investigate a business in Chillicothe called Serendipity located at 135 E. Main Street.  The team was Debbie, Leah, Terry, Melissa and Don.  This is the results of our paranormal investigation.

The tract of land that the business sits on was in a land dispute sometime in 1807 and was finally resolved with ownership going to Ms. Jesse McKay on July 21st, 1814.  It has transferred ownership numerous times until 1877 the property was transferred to Adam Griesheimer and stayed in the Griesheimer family until 2007.  Josephine Griesheimer married a Clinton Riley.  Josephine was a doctor and in 1915 the home was deeded to her.  She used part of the home for her medical practice.  We believe that a part of the basement was used as a morgue.  Also, in 1918 there was an epidemic of the Spanish flu at Camp Sherman.  It is highly likely that Dr. Josephine Riley would be involved with the treatment / autopsies of patients from Camp Sherman as the numbers were overwhelming at the time.   

 orb in the attic. 

 orbs in attic.

Leah and Terry were in the attic when Leah asks if entity was a patient and she got this response: died

The entity in the attic stated they died of malaria and Leah was "touched" by unseen forces.

On the second floor is the toy room.  This is where investigator Terry asked the question "What is your mom's name"? Through the use of a ghost-box he got the response: Holly 

Melissa and Terry were in the basement and asked the question "What is your name"? This is the response: Charles

Terry and Melissa were in the basement when Melissa gets her hair pulled on and gets a resonse of: hair

Also, Melissa got a reponse of soldier before her hair was pulled on.

Here are three more responses received that night in various areas: don't go , find her . tonight


Below are some videos taken in the attic:



Grand Tavern Inn in Waverly Ohio

During May 2011 the P.R.O.V.E team, along with guest investigators Bill & Joyce, conducted investigations of the Grand Tavern in Waverly, OH.  From records it appears the Grand was built in 1845 and has been an inn & tavern ever since.  A lot of the activity is located in the basement area where there was a barbershop at one time.  The team did not get any photos of any entities but did get several class A & class B evps.  A lot of employees and patrons report seeing a man sitting at the bar.  Also of seeing a shadow walk past a doorway near the restrooms.  We could not verify these sightings.


Deb and Joyce are in the basement after Bill emptied the beer can bag and this is what our digital recorder caught: Get off me

Deb and Joyce in the basement. Deb asks "how many of you are here?" Right at the end you can hear: three

 The Grand (year unknown)

 The Grand as it is seen today.

Chillicothe ELKS Lodge

Elks Lodge is located at 42 W. Second Street in Chillicothe OH.  After serving as the Bank of Chillicothe from 1827 to 1844, the building was later renovated and served as home to the Waddle family, until 1910.  In October 2011 the P.R.O.V.E team was asked to investigate several locations in Chillicothe by the League of Women Voters for their annual Ghostwalk.


This clip was taken at the ELKS Lodge. 

The second part of the clip was taken at the Majestic Theatre.

Some EVP's that were captured:  formerly  and  distressed wail


Phoenix Fire Company

Phoenix Fire Company #1 at 70 E. Second St.  Station #1 has seen the transition from horse-drawn fire wagons to motorized engines. Established in 1910, this was the main fire house for Chillicothe until 1969. Now the Phoenix serves as a museum which preserves the history of firefighting in Chillicothe.

Majestic Theatre

The building was built in 1853 and used as the Masonic Hall. In 1876 the building was extended to 50 ft. x 120 ft. In 1904 A. R. Wolf bought the Masonic Opera House. The Masonic Opera House continued until he sold it to the Meyers Brothers in 1915. The Meyers Brothers changed the name to the Majestic Theatre. In July 1971, Harley and Evelyn Bennett became the new owners of the Majestic Theatre. In 1990 three Chillicothe businessmen, Robert Althoff, Robert Evans, and David Uhrig, bought the theatre as a non-profit organization.


The second part of this clip was taken           Notice the "orb" above Leah's head.

below the stage at the Majestic. 


    Majestic Theatre

Eastern Star Temple

The Order of the Eastern Star at 48 W. Main Street. Originally built as a church, then purchased by OES in 1919. Beautiful stained glass windows cast their colorful glow from above, a fitting adornment for the home of this charitable organization and it's Rainbow Girls!