This page is dedicated to paranormal research conducted on buildings and land owned by government entities.  All investigations are done with full permission.

Never attempt to trespass on government property!! 

Ross County Courthouse investigated 8/28/2012


The Ross County Courthouse in Chillicothe stands on the site of Ohio’s first statehouse. It was built in 1855-58, and designed by a Philadelphia architecture firm in the latest East Coast style. The central portico is flanked by two wings, with separate entrances designated for various county offices. Those offices have been rearranged some, and the building was added onto in 1929 and 1961. But the exterior has retained the look of the imposing original.

Leah's story

It’s a Tuesday night August the 28th. PROVE meets with Bart Henshaw on the courthouse steps. She tells us a little of the history as we wait to be let in. The one thing I would like to note, some of us didn’t feel like we would come away from this investigation with any evidence. That was before we stepped inside.

Spirits use energy to manifest. This energy, they put off, Deb and I can feel. When we stepped inside we felt them. We knew then there was a good chance that we could communicate with them. We just didn’t know that they would be so intelligent. That they would interact with us, and interact they did. So much so that PROVE gathered over 40 evp’s.

You may ask just what defines an intelligent spirit. It is one that knows what you are doing and interacts with you. A perfect example took place in the juvenile court room when one investigator was talking to another about a previous investigation at a location that we will not disclose. A spirit was actually dropping the temperature on us. In 60 degrees weather he was causing it to drop down to the 20’s and below. On review of the audio, every time the temp dropped, said entity would laugh rather uncontrollably. It was at this time in the juvenile court room an evp is captured: “I’ll laugh for you”.

Another example that the courthouse entities are intelligent: As 4 female investigators stand in front of the old fireplace. You hear a mans voice say “They have some one manning the phones”. The area where the phones are located is where PROVE sat up base operations, where one investigator stays thru-out the investigation.

Upon walking past the copy machine an evp is heard to respond “Yeah”, when an investigator comments that the buildings occupants have seen and heard someone. Further on they walk toward the bell tower. An evp is caught again, “ask me questions”, on the steps to the tower. Investigators feel a spirit and both are touched. This same spirit follows them down past the large court room. As they start down the steps they comment on the fact they are being followed. Two steps down the spirit energy leaves them. They step back up and the energy is there stronger. It leads them into the court room where they can hear his clothes rustle as he walks around the room. They see that it tries to manifest. Evp’s are captured and a photo. It is in this room that they later get more evp’s and responses to questions using the K-2.

Through out the whole investigation I believe that the spirits were just as curious of us as we were them. The evp’s captured on audio PROVE it.

Photos taken in main court room

 Photo 100_6185

 Photo 100_6185 light enhanced

 Photo 100_6186