Deborah's Story:

As a child I grew up in a large family, 3 brothers and 3 sisters. There were odd happenings going on, other than us kids, such as shadows, odd lights, cold spots, doors opening, etc.

The things that stood out to me the most was in the blue bedroom there was a light that would appear over the bed. I was told "never to go into the hall as long as the light was there". I thought one of my sisters told me that, but later in life I found out she was not the one who told me that. So, did I hear it or feel it? There was a porch roof below my window. I noticed a piece of broken glass so I cleared the glass from the roof and moved my bed. The light stayed above the bed. (I started to debunk things then and I didn't realize it!).

There was an attic door in the hallway upstairs. I would walk past it and the door would fly open and hit me with a blast of cold air! My father and brothers tried stepping on floor boards to see if they could make the attic door open but was not successful.

I felt fear and cold every time I walked past that door. My father always told us to face our fears, so he moved my bed into the hallway. (real scary!). For quite some time I would deter through the blueroom into another room and back to the hall. Just to avoid going past the attic door!

Every now and then I would see someone looking in a window at the end of the hall. What is scary is it was a second story window! Anyway, with time the attic door quit "flying" open. But something new started to develop. The sound of a marble rolling up and down the hall and under my bed! But, the sound of the marble rolling started to put me to sleep.

Some paranormal researchers believe that children reaching puberty can trigger activities. Since 6 children were born within 7 years, our house was a hot bed of paranormal activity! ( it didn't run through our galloped!). Years later one of my brothers and his wife moved into the old house where we grew up in and said that all the activities had stopped. Even the front door which used to open and close on it own stopped. We used to say "George, would you close the door behind you?"

All these things and more peaked my interest in the paranormal. With Ghost Hunters (my idols)doing investigations it sparked those memories of old. I wanted to seek what is out there, enlisting the aid of my best friend Leah Detty. She also thought it was a "pregnant idea" so we gave birth to it.

Leah's Story:

Hi, my name is Leah and this is my journey. I joined with my best friend Debbie, (also known as the "whoa -man"), because we click so well. I consider myself the country hippie and her the city hippie. I was born in an aerated house in the big town of Ray, Ohio. Aerated so we could see what neighbor had come to visit without looking out the window!

My daddy came from a family of sixteen. 8 boys and 8 girls. He was a railroad worker. 5 of the boys along with my grandfather were all railroad workers. Daddy never gave Mama a mansion, but we didn't want one. We had a solid home on a solid foundation in more ways than one.

I have 3 sisters and a #1 brother. At least that's what Deb & I keep telling him! I'm the baby and I only say that here because it upsets my sisters!

Daddy's been gone now for 6 years and Mom's still waiting for the day they can walk hand in hand....somewhere on this some universe. This is why I am on this path. I have seen my Dad walking in front of me....long after he had passed away. He held my daughter as she cried. And now he looks after my other daughter who lives in Pennsylvania. He is why I seek answers....why I am on my journey. So, I can tell you, the person, who has come upon this site, to come back again to learn more about our quest.

As a teen I had a lot of experiences where the dead had contacted me.  When it first happened I was so scared and so not ready for that kind of ability. I had a friend, more like a big brother, who visited me one night.  When I first saw him he told me it was nice to see me again.  I told him he couldn't be here because he's dead.  I told my sister about the experience and she took me to a medium who said my friend was trying to communicate something to me.  When I saw him again he did tell me something and I have never been visited by him again.  This is only a sample of the paranormal experiences I have had in my life.

I have been married to my wonderful, kind, loving, generous husband for 31 years. (note: webmaster's own words as her husband is my best friend) We have 3 children plus an "extra" daughter and live in our dream cabin.